Thursday, October 06, 2005

Afghan Female Editor Arrested
For Questioning Sharia-Type Law

If this is what we are getting for our money and blood then maybe we should just pack it all in:

KABUL — Afghan authorities have detained the editor of a women’s rights magazine on the orders of a presidential adviser who deemed one of his articles blasphemous to Islam, a senior government official said yesterday.

Mohaqiq Nasab, editor-in-chief of Hoqooq Zan, or Women’s Rights, was detained on last Thursday on instructions from a religious adviser to Western-backed President Hamid Karzai, the official said....

In his article, the 50-year-old Nasab questioned the need for harsh Islamic punishment for apostates, thieves and others, Sangcharaki said.

Karzai should be told to fire this official and declare such behavior unacceptable, or we should pull out immediately and let him deal with the remnants of the Taliban. The United States should not be expending money and blood for a country which would arrest a human being for suggesting that Sharia rules should not be law.