Friday, October 28, 2005

Anti-Jihadi Website Closed Down In Austria

From Dhimmi Watch:

I (Robert Spencer) received this email this morning:


You might remember me I run one of the very rare german languageanti-islamist blogs in Austria under

Well, I did so until this morning.

In Austria there is no such thing like the first amendment - so my blog was shut down by my internet provider in order to keep up with their perverted idea of "political correctnes".

I had some 45.000 visitors in the first 120 days - I guess this was byfar too much truth for certain people in the p.-c.-establishement...

Maybe you'd like to spread the message - maybe even in your newsletterand blog... maybe you'd like to ask my provider some questions:[address removed]

Thanks anyway & best wishes!

UPDATE: Robert Spencer says the internet provider contacted him and said he is in discussions with the Austrian blogger. Hopefully, this will be resolved.