Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ban The Burqa?
Kill The Politician

In Holland, recently, legislation was proposed to ban the burqa. Well, apparently, it may not happen, because the Dutch are afraid:

HOLLAND’S Muslims have responded with outrage to government proposals to ban the burqa, and there are fears that Rita Verdonk, the minister behind the move, will be added to a list of “enemies of Islam” targeted for assassination.

The country was on high alert yesterday after talk of a burqa ban coincided with the arrest of a group suspected of planning to murder two politicians.

You can't blame them for being afraid. But, it has to be done. The burqa is completely a complete eclipse of a woman's humanity. She is allowed no expression of the face, of the eyes. She is in the room, but not there. It is the equivalent of the chains around the neck of a slave.

In addition to the dehumanizing aspect of the burqa, there are the security concerns which arise from having a population of hostile people who are allowed, even expected, to walk around in public completely shrouded.

The Dutch can't afford to allow Jihadis to win through fear. If they do, then the Jihadis are in charge.