Monday, October 03, 2005

Can't Wait For The Red Carpet
At The Oscars

Apparently, the film Paradise Now - which is about the life and, uh, thoughts, of a Palestinian suicide bomber in the days leading up to his mass-murdering of Jews - is very popular in (SURPRISE) Germany.

At the 55th international film festival in Berlin 2005, “Paradise Now” won the Publikumspreis (“audience award”) and the Blue Angle for best European film.

It was also awarded a "Peace Prize" by Amnesty International.

And, it won kudos from the New York Times as well:

While suicide bombers are often portrayed in the West as brainwashed automatons, Mr. Abu-Assad said his research in Palestine suggested that people acted mostly out of conviction. "The daily humiliation is so big that people just agree to it," he said. "The biggest motivation is the feeling of impotence. You are captured in your own city; you can't do anything about it; you are nothing."

"By attacking the enemy society," he went on, suicide bombers "go from losing to winning. Religion is just a ceremony. That is the research I did. And I'm not the only one saying it. All the talk about brainwashing and virgins and the other life - it's just ceremony."

Indeed, on the prospects for peace after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, Mr. Abu-Assad is not optimistic. "Without the principle that the Palestinians are equal to the Israelis, sharing the land, water, money, everything," he said, "you will never end this fight. Not by making Gaza a better or larger jail. As long as you see you are inferior and the Israelis are the boss, you will fight again."

By that logic, Mexico ought to attack the United States, and El Salvador probably ought to attack Mexico. Spain ought to attack France. Oh yeah, and Muslims ought to attack the whole world.

Oh wait, that is happening.

And, just in case you are interested in the economics behind the production of such a cinematic masterpiece:

Somehow, for just $2 million, financed by Dutch, French and German backers, the movie was completed.

Hmm. German and French backers for a movie about killing Jews.