Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Category Five Hurricane
109 Oil Platforms Destroyed
No Significant Spills

The Astute Blogger, once again, points out that which should be obvious to us all but, because of our generations peculiar political prejudices, is not. Hurricane Katrina destroyed 109 oil platforms., and yet there were no significant spills, even though 108 of those platforms were built before federal construction standards were tightened in 1988.

The Astute Blogger's conclusion:

It's time that ALL politicians stopped using "environmentalism" as an excuse to prevent MORE drilling in the Gulf (and more drilling off-shore in other areas of the USA, too - like California!) - and "ALL POLITICIANS" INCLUDES Governor's Jeb Bush and Arnold Schwarzeneggar!

If we want to produce more of the energy we use then we MUST drill for more oil in the USA, and off our coast. Since there was NOT A SINGLE MAJOR SPILL after these CATEGORY 5 hurricanes, there is NO LONGER ANY EXCUSE. Neither the environment or tourism based on the environment can be reasonably threatened by drilling. PERIOD. END OF STORY. (More HERE.)