Sunday, October 16, 2005

Does Juan Cole Fellate Zarqawi?

From The Eminent Idiot Juan Cole, via The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog:

Zawahiri Letter

The other thing that struck me as odd about the Zawahiri letter was that at the end he raises the question of whether a non Iraqi should be leading the insurgency.

This is odd for several reasons. Al Qaeda does not think in terms of nationality but of the umma or Muslim community. It reads to me like an attempt to undermine Zarqawi. And it is an insult.

What a dumb piece of pseudo-intellectual feces this guy is.

Yes, Mr. Cole, Al Qaeda thinks in terms of the Umma, when they are thinking in religious terms, but not when they are thinking in political terms. They understand that the war against the West, and against Iraqi Democracy is, in part, a P.R. war. They know that it doesn't help them win the P.R. war if the, supposedly, homegrown "insurgency" ends up being nothing but Saudis killing Iraqis.

Is that really so hard to understand Mr. Cole? God, what an idiot you are.

And, to top it all off, you are worried that we have undermined and insulted Zarqawi? Well then, we know where your allegiances lie, don't we?

UPDATE: Reader Dustin writes in to say he thinks that Juan Cole was saying that he believes this letter was written by someone other than Zarqawi, as an attempt to undermine Zarqawi. Therefore, the insult is to people like Juan Cole, who are far too intelligent to be fooled by such a fake.

Whether the letter was a fake or not (it very well may be) that doesn't discount what I said. Juan Cole's point, about Al Qaeda only being concerned with the Umma, is lame.