Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Help Wanted

I live in Southern California. Recently, I have been having some work done to my house. I had some of the eaves replaced, I had a very large tree removed from my back yard, and I had the outside of the house repainted. All's well.

The nest step on my home improvement list was to put in a new lawn and sprinkler system. A gardener I met, who did not speak English and who is, presumably, an illegal alien, came by and asked me to allow him to do this project. So, I asked him for a quote.

He came back to me the next day with a quote for $7,500.00.

I thought he was out of his mind. So, I asked another gardener, who also didn't speak English, for a quote. He said he would have to come over and measure my yard, etc., etc. Ok, I said, and he did. He made a big show with his tape measure and scattered words in English about sod and pvc pipe. Now, I thought, we're getting somewhere. This guy knows what he's doing.

The quote came back at $7,500.00.

Now, let's put this in perspective. The materials, and the cost of renting a roto-tiller, are approximatley $600-$800. Let's say $800.00, just to make it fun. I asked the gardener how long it would take to do the job, and he said he and his partner would be at my house for a total of four days.

Two guys, four days of work, adds up to 64 man-hours.

$7,500.00 minus $800.00 for materials is $6,700.00.

$6,700.00 divided by 64 man-hours is $104.68 per hour for each illegal alien.

If these illegal aliens were able to stack up jobs like this on a constant basis, then $104 an hour adds up to an annual income of approximately $208,000.00.

Them's some pretty good eats, for someone who isn't even a citizen.

Why am I writing this? Well, let me tell you, I am not writing this to bag on illegal aliens, and I am not writing this because I resent them earning a living. The fact that there are so many illegal aliens in our state, earning enormous amounts of money, and sucking our healthcare system dry, is not the fault of the people of California, but is instead the fault of the federal government.

We, the people of California, voted into law a Proposition a few years ago, which was intended to discourage illegal aliens from invading our state. But, the Proposition was killed by the California State Supreme Court. They didn't say which provision of the Law was unconstitutional, but instead, just killed the whole thing. Yes, that's right, we were told that the will of the people of the state of California did not stand against the will of the judicial system.

Our borders have been breached. It is the federal governments responsibility to guard the borders. They do not make a credible effort to do so. The citizenry of California have done our duty, but the government has thwarted us. Therefore, they are in violation of their agreement with their electorate.

I would say we should vote them out of office, but the truth is, we have found that no matter who we vote into office, on the left or on the right, the results are the same. Presumably, big business has all politicians in their pocket. Therefore, since big business demands cheap labor, big business gets cheap labor.

I also want to make it clear that I am a capitalist. If a man can make $104 an hour, then all the power to him. If that's the going rate, then that's the going rate, and he ought to get it.

Now, here's the reason I am writing this. If gardeners can ask for, and receive, a wage of $104 an hour in the state of California, then I have to say that any American citizen who is unemployed, or marginally employed - in states which are not enjoying the post-9/11 recovery, as we are here in California - ought to seriously consider moving out here, and doing this kind of work.

I would almost go so far as to say, you owe it to your families.

While I do not blame Mexicans and South Americans for coming here to the United States to make a living, and while I do not hate them, at the same time, I would prefer that American citizens earn the money.

So, I'm hanging out a "Help Wanted" sign. We need your help here in California. Come on out. Apparently, there is a lot of work to be had.