Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hirsi Ali: Hero of Western Civilization

Hirsi Ali is the Somalian-born Dutch Member of Parliament whose film Submission, made with Theo Van Gogh, stirred the Jihadis to kill Van Gogh. There is also a fatwa on her, and she has been living in hiding for the past two years.

This has not caused her to go silent, though. She continues to speak out, standing up for Western Civilization like few Western-born people have had the courage to do.

Hirsi Ali is a hero, and once again she is speaking out, trying to get her government to understand the threat of the Jihadis:

THE HAGUE, 29/10/05 - Measures to prevent terrorism will not succeed if these do not go hand in hand with the awareness that Islam is the core of the problem, according to conservative (VVD) MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She lashed out at Justice Minister Donner in an interview with public broadcaster NOS on Friday.

Hirsi Ali says Donner does not want to link religion to the murder of her friend Theo van Gogh for strategic reasons. "I consider this (position) fundamentally wrong", said the MP. Politicians must not be afraid to acknowledge that the core of the problem of terrorism "is puritan Islam", in her view. "If politicians run away from that, citizens will always keep the feeling: 'do they actually understand' (the problem)?"

Robert Spencer's comment: Indeed. The killer attached a note to Van Gogh's body containing Qur'an verses. He said in court that he killed Van Gogh for his religion. The sooner European -- and American -- authorities stop ignoring that and start taking realistic steps to deal with the fact that there are many more Bouyeris out there, the safer we will all be.