Sunday, October 16, 2005

Is Ibrahim Hooper Starting To Sweat?

Is CAIR's facada of wanting to promote positive "American-Islamic Relations" beginning to crumble? Bill Petersen at Faith Freedom International thinks so:

For anyone that had the misfortune of witnessing the Tucker Carlson “interview” with CAIR mouthpiece Ibrahim Hooper on MSNBC Tuesday night, several things were readily apparent. To the uninformed, naïve middle-American, it should now be obvious not to expect any mercy from the proponents of the “most merciful Allah”. But to those of us burdened with greater insight into the Islamic hate machine, this exposition served as yet another reminder that CAIR’s vision of “American-Islamic Relations” amounts to nothing more than unconditional dhimmitude here in the USA.

The CAIR-free days of years past are indeed a distant memory.

Carlson’s brief segment dealt with CAIR’s recent uproar over a recent Boeing print ad featuring their Osprey aircraft “attacking” a fictitious mosque. Pathetically, Boeing has apologized and retracted the ad in response to the deafening Muslim whining. Hooper’s unbridled arrogance in suggesting that Boeing must now investigate and find introspection regarding its motives had Carlson’s (and my) blood well beyond the boiling point.

Over and over again, Carlson demanded that Hooper answer one simple question: What is the bigger crime, Boeing’s ad or the fact that Muslim insurgents are using mosques as military strongholds? Yet time after time, Hooper dodged, weaved and denied that any such practice exists, even in the face of hard evidence delivered by the increasingly agitated host.

Class, you have just completed a crash course in “Islamic Deceit and Arrogance 101” delivered to your television in a bite-sized 5-minute package.

From the moment he opened his mouth, Hooper’s “likeability factor” plummeted to somewhere between that of Adolf Hitler and Howard Dean. It seems as if CAIR is actually trying to wake the sleeping giant of American wrath towards Islam by repeatedly poking it with sharp sticks. Let’s sit back and watch CAIR continue their ongoing string of public relations blunders - it can’t be too long before that bad boy finally wakes up.

As the blogosphere begins to become a news source for more and more people, and members of the media become educated in the not-so-subtleties of Islamic Jihadism, CAIR's thin veil of civility will explode into thousands of shards of anger. It is likely that we soon will see the spectre of Ibrahim Hooper shrieking with rage in front of the camera for the slight of having been asked the racist question that broke the, um, camel's back.

By the way, I am waiting for the Muslim community to reach out to the Christians, Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, and Hindus of America, and invite us down to your mosques for a good Saturday of clearing out the hate literature and hauling it down to the local recycling plant.