Monday, October 17, 2005

Is Worldwide Jihad All There Is To Islam?

The Pedestrian Infidel has a very important post up today about how Muslims in Indonesia are attempting to systematically wipe out all Christian worship within their country:

They are praying. They have gathered for spiritual purposes in a private house. Then all of a sudden they are attacked by Muslims. These Islamic zealots are armed. They break through the door into the room where prayers are being offered heavenward.

They not only threaten the Catholics. They also say they are going to set fire to the house. If petitions continue toward God, the home will be burnt out cinders in short order.

This is all in keeping with the Koran dictates from Allah that non-Muslims be annihilated. Only Islamics must remain alive in order to set up Islam as world rule. It is what their deity has demanded since the killing cult began. The paragraphs in the Koran are numerous. They are bloody. They detail how to torture and kill Christians and Jews in particular.

The Indonesian armed males state that they are members of the Islamic Defender Front. In other words, they are not working at random. They are a part of a network to kill. They are programmed. They have a prescribed agenda. They know what their final goal is.

According to AsiaNews, "The attack took place on 11 October in a private house. Armed men broke in and threatened to burn the place down if the prayer went ahead. Fears are rising about further violence against Indonesian believers."

Islamics entering the home, then ordered the persons involved in a spiritual exercise to halt such petitions immediately. If prayers continued, fires would be lighted. They particularly targeted the spiritual leader of the group. He had to put his name to a declaration stating that such prayers would never be held again in that house or anywhere in that area.

Why is it that Islamic mosque clerics worldwide don’t castigate the Indonesian attackers?

Why doesn’t the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) post discipline measures on its site and satellite offices throughout the United States?

Why don’t CAIR representatives send out news releases declaring their opposition to such threats as those in Indonesia? Why don’t CAIR leaders go to media microphones to speak out against their devotees who slaughter?

Why don’t Muslim national leaders in other countries go to the global press stating their abhorrence of such activists in their own killing cult?

Go read the rest over at Pedestrian Infidel.

These questions need to asked and answered. We're coming to the point where if Muslims do not begin to stand up and take serious measures to put a stop to this killing - this worldwide Jihad, which is being waged in the name of their religion - then the masses of non-Muslims will start to believe that this Jihad is, indeed, the Muslim religion itself.