Sunday, October 23, 2005

Islamic Jihadi Revolution In Caucasus

The worldwide Islamic Jihad seem to be gathering strength with increasing speed. Earlier today, I reported on the Phillipines ceding the island of Mindanao to the Jihadis. Tonight comes further word from the LA Times that the Jihadis are emerging as a revolutionary force in the Caucasas:

GHIMRI, Russia — A dripping and cavernous tunnel, three miles through the belly of the mountain and lighted only by a spindly strand of dim bulbs, marks the entrance to the land of deep gorges and outlaw villages of the Caucasus range.

Emerging in the bright daylight on the other side is like entering another world, a Russia that is not Russia. Road signs every few feet are bright green with Arabic script: "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his prophet." Several dozen signs bear the words of a legendary Caucasian warrior: "He who thinks about consequences is not a hero."

Since the 19th century, Russia has tried to tame the 650 miles of snowy peaks and fertile lowland slopes between the Caspian and Black seas. Today, the Caucasus wars seeping out of Chechnya through the surrounding, predominantly Muslim republics are increasingly being waged under a banner of militant Islam.

This creeping Islamic revolution, analysts suggest, is the latest outcome of the Kremlin's failure to adopt a coherent policy for combating religious extremism in a nation with 23 million Muslims.

In areas like this mountainous region of Russia's Dagestan republic, the battle for hearts and minds may be lost. Ghimri, a tiny village of terraced gardens on the slope of a 5,000-foot abyss, is known as a lair of insurgency that outside police rarely enter except in force.

Islamic militancy is no stranger to Ghimri, from which 19th century warrior Imam Shamil fought under the banner of Islam against Russian troops until his surrender in 1859.

Today, women and even young girls wear head scarves, and some cover their faces.

Arabic, the language of the Koran, is taught to all students.

The local imam moved last year to establish separate schools for girls and boys and was thwarted only when no second building could be found.

The village of 3,800 has also imposed many aspects of Islamic Sharia law as a supplement to Russian law.

Wth the same news hitting us from every corner of the globe, day after day, it will gradually become evident to more and more people that this is a worldwide, and organized attack by Islamic Jihadis against the foundations of modern civilization. Eventually, I believe we are going to see a call for the UN to put a permanent ban on the establishment of any new Islamist state.