Sunday, October 23, 2005

Isn't It Ironic, Part 2
Muslims Riot In Birmingham

In an echo of the ironic rioting in Egypt (see below), Muslims in Birmingham appear to be rioting, after a peace rally, because they were accused of a rape that one of their ranks, apparently, did commit:

A man was stabbed to death and several other people, including a police officer, were hurt when days of tension in England's second city over the alleged rape of a black girl by South Asians erupted into riots.

In an echo of violence in the same Lozells Road area of Birmingham 20 years ago, mobs pelted police with bricks, stones and bottles or smashed shop and car windows with baseball bats and sticks. At least one car was torched.

The riots erupted after members of the Afro-Caribbean and South Asian communities held what police and media said was a peaceful meeting designed to reassure the black community and encourage the girl to come forward.

The Sunday Times newspaper said a gang of up to 30 Asian youths began throwing stones at some of the 300 people attending the meeting in the church.

Meanwhile, a woman, who asked not to be named, said she saw South Asians attacking blacks and heard later that a 20-year-old black man was stabbed to death. The woman, quoted by Britain's domestic Press Association, said she had seen around 100 Asian men congregating outside an Asian shop, put on hoods and masks and heard them say they would get weapons.

"We thought they were joking. Afterwards, we heard they had stabbed a black guy down here," she said. "Black guys up here on Lozells Road heard about the stabbing and got very angry. I saw Asian guys chasing black guys down this road. They had batons and everything else they could think of. They were angry and cussing," she said.

A reporter for the Press Association said her car was attacked by a gang of youths wielding baseball bats as she drove through the Lozells area.

Irony is no joking matter.