Sunday, October 23, 2005

Isn't It Ironic, Part 3
19 Muslim Men Rape a Fourteen Year Old Girl

This is an update of Part 2. In the post below, I reported that Muslims had rioted after a peace meeting. Well, it seems the peace meeting was to reassure black people in the Birmingham neighborhood they meant no harm, after 19 Pakistani men raped a fourteen year old girl:

Community outrage is growing into calls for a national boycott of Asian businesses after the alleged sexual assault on a 14 year old African child by a gang of up to nineteen Asian men.
It is alleged that an Asian shop owner and eighteen other Asian men have gang raped a fourteen year old African girl at the back of their hair & beauty shop in the Perry Barr area, Birmingham.

The incident is said to have occurred when the Asian shop keeper locked her in the store after catching her attempting to steal a weave/wig. The teenager who is said to have pleaded for the shopkeeper not to call the Police is said to be an unofficial immigrant from Jamaica who was fearful of forced deportation by the British Authorities.

Speculative reports from several Birmingham community radio stations are stating there are claims that the fourteen year old offered herself to the shop keeper to prevent arrest and it was at this point he locked her up in the shop and called for his friends to participate in her rape before releasing her the next day. However due to the fact that the teenage victim hasn’t come forward to make an official police complaint the whole story remains unconfirmed.

Mass community protests with up to 300 African men and women were held outside stores in Perry Bar on Tuesday evening, 18 October 2005 blocking all traffic in the area. An emergency community meeting was also held at the African Caribbean Self-Help Organisation in Heathfield Road, Handsworth on the same night where a decision was made to economically close down all Asian owned hair shops in the area.

See, the Muslim men gang-raped a little girl, then held a peace meeting, after which they rioted. Irony piled on top of irony.