Saturday, October 29, 2005

Israel Attacks Gaza
As They Should

Israel gave the land of Gaza to the Palestinians, to do with as they please. Their government is made up of two violent terrorist organizations (Hamas and Fatah) who both call for the destruction of the state of Israel in their official charters.

Since, the Gaza Palestinians have had their own land, they have unremittingly attacked Israel, in words, demonstrations, and with rockets, and bombs. Earlier this week, a suicide bomber detonated himself, killing five Israelis.

Now, Israel is doing what a state should do when their people are attacked by the forces of another state. They are fighting back with strong force:

By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip - Israeli aircraft and artillery bombarded open areas in northern Gaza on Saturday as part of an intensifying campaign against Palestinian rocket fire on Israeli border areas.

No injuries were reported in the air and artillery strikes that began just after midnight and continued throughout the day. But missiles heavily damaged roads and water and sewage lines. Electricity in the area also was knocked out after the main transformer was hit. One missile tore a deep crater into a sandy field.

All that air power and no injuries. Why, it's almost as if the Israeli Defense Force goes out of it's way to avoid hurting people.

(Note: that was a sarcastic statement. The IDF always goes out of it's way to not harm civilians.)

Now, let's look at the next three paragraphs of the AP story individually. Because they are rather odd and notable:

Artillery shells were fired after Palestinian militants sent a homemade Qassam rocket slamming into southern Israel, the Israeli military said. Israel uses artillery shelling more sparingly than air strikes because it is less accurate and poses a higher risk of harming Palestinian civilians.

The writer of this story, Ibrahim Barzak, is a Palestinian Muslim. It is surprising to find him admitting that Israel makes every attempt to avoid harming bystanders. One has to wonder if something is up. Why is he trying to make nice?

Now, check out the next paragraph:

Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef, meanwhile, told his security chiefs that "firm and serious action" would be taken against facilities used to manufacture or store weapons, his office said in a statement released Saturday.

Look at that, the Palestinian Interior Minister is trying to make nice too. The only thing I can figure is that this round of IDF attacks really put the fear of Allah into these people.

Now, let's look at the next paragraph:

But there was no talk of disarming militants, as Israel has demanded, and the statement said Palestinian security forces "would not enter any house looking for weapons."

This sounds like more of the same from the Palestinians. And yes, it is. They are always saying they are going to rein in the militants, they are calling a truce, etc. etc. But, it never really happens, and they never do live up to their obligation (under the Road Map to Peace) to disarm the terrorists among them. That's because Fatah is the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which was always called a terrorist organization, until they were given legitimacy by a vote. Now, they are called a political party, but they didn't change their spots, as is evidenced by the fact that their charter still calls for the destruction of Israel, and their state-sponsored TV network calls for "death to the Jews" regularly.

So, what is notable then about that paragraph? Well, it's that Ibrahim Barzak actually seems to have challenged the Interior Minister with a question about disarming the terrorists. And when the Interior Minister refused to commit to doing what it is his obligation to do, Ibrahim Barzak noted it in a manner which connotes the deceitfulness of the Palestinian regime.

I would love to get any readers thoughts on what might be happening here, because I am perplexed.