Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Ok To Call For Death To The Jews In Sweden
But Don't Say Criminals Are Named "Mohammed"

Fjordman has an important post today which starts off talking about how a police man was arrested and put in jail for writing a "hate" email:

The 43 year old Malmö police officer who sent an e-mail containing racist statements to council leader Ilmar Reepalu was freed on Tuesday by Malmö district court. According to the court, the policeman was not guilty of persecution of a minority group.

In his email to Reepalu he referred to "criminals called Mohammed from Rosengård" and urged the council leader to withdraw the "massive subsidies to all the bloody foreigners in Malmö". The prosecutor had demanded a prison sentence or fine for the policeman.

The personnel department of the National Police Board had already decided that he would be dismissed if he was found guilty of a serious offence. The court stated that the contents of the e-mail were offensive and degrading, but said that the police officer had had no intention of spreading his views more widely - despite the fact that the message became public when he sent it to the council leader.

Fjordman notes that the treatment of the policeman here is in direct contradition to the way Muslims are handled with kid gloves, when they display far more anti-social behavior:

At the same time in Sweden, Muslims openly flaunt their support for terror attacks aginst their own country, and Radio Islam has put Nazi literature such as Adolf Hitler's autobiography "Mein Kampf" online in several languages. They also say Jews are evil and should be "crushed".

Apparently, if you are a Muslim, this is "freedom of speech":

Head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden: The Muslims' War is with the Jews

"Sweden's greatest author, Jan Myrdal, said to me: 'You Muslims may need our support, but we need your Jihad. Otherwise, whom will we support?' If there is no Jihad and resistance, who will the free people in the West support?

There are free people in the West. The Zionist control of the media imposes a kind of media terrorism and hypocrisy, in such a way that many Swedes have a public opinion which they express on radio and TV. If [a Swede] wants to live a normal life and have work, he must claim to be Israel's friend and the enemy of Israel's enemies. But when you talk to regular Swedes, and even authors, privately, they are all against Israel and against the Zionist occupation.

Nevertheless, if Israel finds itself in danger and if we become stronger than it, no Westerner will come to its defense.

The Jews in the West – and this has become a tradition – have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, of the trade unions, and of the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from Right to Left.

I am a Muslim. I am not a Communist or a Marxist. I oppose both Marxism and Communism. This analysis of yours is a Marxist-Communist analysis, because the Koran says that our battle is with the Jews. Zionism is not mentioned in the Koran.

Our war is against the Jews."

Let's look at this, shall we? The truth is, what the policeman said is a fair and accurate assessment of the situation in the city of Malmo. There are criminals named "Mohammed" in Rosengard, and the immigrants do draw massive subsidies from the state. The problem with his statement is one of proportion.

There are probably also criminals named Bjorn who are creating trouble themselves. And, while it is true that immigrants draw massive subsidies, there are plenty of natural-born Swedish citizens drawing large amounts of money from the government as well. So, the question isn't whether what the police officer said is true or not. Instead, the question is, do Muslims commit a disproportionate amount of the crime, and do they draw a disproportionate amout of welfare, to the point that the policeman's statement was warranted.

On the other hand, we know that Mein Kampf is an evil piece of literature which makes spurious claims about a Jewish conspiracy to control banking, and calls for death to the Jews. We know that as a civilization, we decided a long time ago that such literature was disgusting and evil.

We know that terror attacks against innocent civilians - such as children on buses in Israel, or children in the streets of Baghdad - are works of evil. And, we know that to say that the "Jews should be crushed" is calling for the death of a whole group of people, and is therefore evil as well. If such things are not to be called evil, then we nothing is evil.

And finally, the head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden going on the air and calling for "war" on the "Jews" smacks of Holocaust era Germany. It is frightening. Such behavior needs to be eliminated from Western Civilization altogether.

But, the Swedes don't think so, apparently. Hmm.