Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jews Preparing To Flee Britain?

It seems, British Jews are preparing for the worst case scenario; that Europe will, once again, become a completely intolerable place for Jews to live. They are, increasingly, insuring they have a safe haven to flee to, by buying property in Israel:

We have been running to cope with the recent intensive urge of British Jews to have a place in Israel. Many have admitted to me that they are taking the opportunity to buy a property now because of the favorable currency exchange and the excellent British economy.

Clearly, there is plenty of spare cash around to invest abroad. However, there is another unsettling factor that is making British Jews passionate about buying in Israel. The growing anti-Semitism, linked to the increasingly anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, remarks and actions of some leaders in the British Muslim community, has made many Jews feel extremely nervous and insecure.

From a singularly Israeli and professional viewpoint, I can tell you that the growing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks being made by Muslim leaders, and backed by advocates such as Livingstone and Galloway, is not adversely affecting the Israeli economy. On the contrary, I have seen millions of British pounds being pumped into Israel as a community under threat invest with increasing passion, and fear, in our country.

This is one of the biggest reasons the state of Israel must exist. Too often, indeed almost constantly, throughout history, we gentiles have decided our problems are caused by the Jews amongst us, and our solution has been to kill them. It is no wonder the Jews of Britain believe they see the writing on the wall. If I were a Jew living in Britain, I believe I would be making damn sure I could get safe passage to Israel.

I'll tell you how bad things are. Even as an American, currently, when I go near the border, I feel as if I am approaching the edge of a cliff. I get a sense of vertigo. I am terrified of the potential chaos of the rest of the world. Honestly, with the history, I don't trust any of you.

How's that?

Let me be clear, I do travel. Rationally, I know I am fine. But, my experience in Europe, and in Canada, and in Mexico, has not been fraught with the romantic notions, or the party dreams that other Americans bring with them. I am not enamored of quaint little villages, or gleaming spires, or traditions of service. I am an observer. I watch for the details, and the details are telling. I see the isolated immigration populations, the risible anti-Americanism, and anti-Semtisim, the predominance of extremist socialist ideas, and the veritable caste system they create. I note the hushed morgue-like tones in which most Europeans speak, as if a palpable depression has manifest itself across the continent.

I know surveys show that the people of England, Germany and France believe America is the greatest threat to the world there is. Well, that's called projection, my friends. All America has ever done is pull you back from the brink of a disaster which you were determined to bring upon youselves.

Europe is a graveyard of monsters.

Disclaimer: A good portion of my family is European. I do not hate all Europeans, and, by that, I mean they live in Europe. I just think the evidence shows that Europeans are, as a group, very dangerous. And there moral haughtiness is entirely unjustified.