Monday, October 31, 2005

The Jihad
Is Worldwide
And Coordinated

Since the day the Towers fell, we've all known about Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. We know that Saudi Arabian-inspired Arab terrorists want to kill us. We know that they have attacked us in Iraq, attacked us in London, and have plotted to attack us in various places throughout the West.

However, there have been many other attacks, on many other fronts. Islamic Jihadis have killed schoolchildren in Beslan, Chechneya, which was part of the former Soviet Union. They have beheaded little Christian girls in Indonesia. They have killed Western tourists in Bali. But, these attacks horrific as they are, are never presented to us as originating from the same source as those we were hit with on 9/11.

Those of us who make it our business to study the worldwide Jihad know that these attacks are all inspired by the same ideology, but most of us have doubted that they are actually coordinated by a central entity.

Instead, we seem to believe that there are many terrorist entities all under the authority of different leaders. We know about Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Jemaah Islamiyah, etc., but we seem to believe that all these organizations are running their own separate Jihads, inspired by the same ideology. We seem to believe that this war is a war of copycat killings; Islamists inspired by the Jihad of other Islamists to wage Jihad throughout the world.

The above photograph shows Muslim schoolchildren in Indonesia, which, of course, is thousands of miles from the Arab world, worlds away from the Middle East conflict. But, what we see in this photo is Indonesian schoolchildren being used as walking billboards for Arab propaganda. Their headbands say "Al-Quds" which is the Arabic phrase for Jerusalem Day. Jerusalem Day is an Arab "celebration" of the Jihadi promise to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. (Click here to see Indonesians carrying a poster of the Ayatollah Khomeini at the same celebration.)

In other words, little Indonesian schoolchildren who know nothing about Israel, who do not know Arabic, or even an Arab, and who have never met a Jew, are "campaigning" for the destruction of Israel. No, sorry, I don't believe they came up with this on their own over there in Indonesia. Instead, I believe that this is being coordinated from above.

I have no idea who is coordinating the Jihad. It could be Al Qaeda. It could really be that Osama Bin Laden is beaming out his signals from caves on the border of Pakistan. I don't know, but I believe it is becoming clear that much of this war is being waged from one central command post somewhere.

I do not come to this conclusion simply because of this photo. Instead, I have been slowly coming to this conclusion over the past several weeks, as I watch riots breaking out in Birmingham, England, and Paris, as I see bombs exploding in India, Iraq, Israel, as I see Christian girls have their heads cut off in Indonesia, as I see the Phillipines ceding the island of Mindanao to Jihadis, as I see Jihadis arrested in Germany, as I see Muslims threatening a newspaper in Copenhagen, as I see the President of Iran threatening America, and Israel, with annihilation, and as I see Zarqawi threatening voters in Iraq.

We are up against a totalitarian, worldwide menace; tens of thousands of warriors fighting in unity, hundreds of thousands who work in a collusion of silence, millions who believe in the ideology. Killing the leader will not end the Jihad. Taking out the command post, wherever it lies, will not slow the Jihad. Fighting with law-enforcement tactics will only embolden the Jihad.

Only freedom will end the Jihad. And those who are enslaved to Islam will have a very hard time learning what it means to be free as they cower in fear at the totalitarians around them. So, we need to strike fear into the heart of the Jihadis. They do fear Democracy. They fear Freedom, so we are on the right track, but we need them to fear us as well.

In order to get them to fear us, we will need to become brutal. But, the West is not ready to be brutal, yet. We need to cut off their funding, yes. We need to fight their ideology and replace it with a counter-ideology of freedom, yes. And we need to kill their Jihadi warriors where we find them. But, we need to go beyond that. We need to scare potential warriors away from joining the Jihad.

Until we are ready to be brutal with the Jihadis, we will not win. Until we are ready to hit them with the things they most fear, they will laugh at us, and come at us in ever stronger waves.

America has fought three of the most successful wars in the history of the world;

1) The American Civil War
2) The War Against Japan - WWII
3) The War Against Germany - WWII

I say these wars were successful because they permanently eliminated the menacing ideologies that gave brought about the wars in the first place.

The path to victory in all three of these wars was abject brutality. We beat our enemy, and we beat them, and we beat them some more. We beat them until they begged for us to stop, and then, we delivered a final and apocalyptic death blow. In the Civil War, we burned Atlanta to the ground. In the War Against Germany, we firebombed Dresden. In the War Against Japan, we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These death blows helped to achieve final and lasting victory, because they told the enemy that they had no hope left. The enemy did not come away from these wars believing that, maybe, if they would have just tried harder, they could have defeated us.

And, after these death blows were delivered, we set in on an equally brutal campaign of destroying the ideologies of our enemies. We were as brutal towards their ideologies as we were towards their armies. In the South, there was the Reconstruction. The slaves were unitlaterally set free. The Southerners were allowed to receive nothing in return for their "property." In Germany, there was the process of reeducation and DeNazification. In Japan, we enforced a unilateral change in the Shinto religion. We declared that in Japan it was no longer legal to teach that the Emperor was God.

These are the things we need to be doing to our Jihadi enemies in the War on Islamofascist Terrorism. However, we are not doing these things. In Iraq, we have allowed Sharia to be enshrined in the Constitution. In Afghanistan, recently, a writer was thrown in jail, and sits their still, for the crime of criticizing Islam. And on all fronts, we are using almost antiseptically clean surgical strike tactics, which do not strike much fear into the hearts of our enemies.

The reason we are fighting such a war is because we are humanitarians. I am proud of our approach, but at the same time, I think it is mistaken and woefully inadequate. Just as Human Nature does not change with time, neither does the Nature of War. This is because the Nature of War is born of Human Nature. It is knitted into who we are as human beings, unfortunately.

I believe we are going to continue fighting this war in the current manner, but our enemy is only going to become stronger and stronger. The way we are doing battle only serves to get them angry enough to fight harder, and recruit more. The pace of the Jihad is quickening, and spreading out in greater and greater rings around the globe.

One day, if we do not eliminate Iran, we are going to wake up to a world which has been radically altered by Weapons of Mass Destruction. Life will be completely different. America will not be what it once was, and the people of America will be angry as all hell. At that point a "strong man" will be brought in to clean house. And a mighty housecleaning will be enacted across the four corners of the globe.

I do not want to see this happen. I do not want us to become the monsters we fight. The only hope I can see is for us - we who understand the nature of the Global Jihad - to begin to work to get the Jihadis angry over absurd, stupid stuff. We need to work to make them behave like fools. This whole Piglet scandal in Britian (where the British council banned publice displays of Piglet so as not to offend Muslims) is a important marker to me in the progress of the War.

We need to take a lesson from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. We need to ask ourselves, what is it that gets the Jihadis particularly angry, and then we need to work to bring about those circumstances in as absurd a fashion as possible. We need to be John Lennonesque in our tactics. In other words, we need to set up stunts, alert the media, and enact public displays of humorous and Dada-esque counter-Jihad.

The Jihadis will then be moved to anger, but it will be the kind of pathetic anger one might see when the big guy gets humilated in a bar by a little wimpy, smart-ass guy who has the whole bar laughing with glee at the big guys idiocy and humilation. Oh yes, they might come back at us with violence, and it may be deadly, but we can't fear these things. This is a war, and we are all part of it.

The purpose of this tactic is to smoke the Jihadis among us out into the open. To make them commit to their totalitarian ideology in full view of everyone. This way, the American public will become familiarized with the Jihadis. Since, our media won't tell us the truth, we'll have to motivate the Jihadis to tell us publicly. The violence which may ensue will only serve to give the public more education.

I'm posting this as a proposal. This seems like a very viable tactic. What do you guys think?