Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Moral Inversion In Rome

Monica Cirinna, a city councillor in the magnificent city of Rome, Italy, has done her best to make sure goldfish are not mistreated by citizens (From the London Times):

Rome has banned goldfish bowls and ordered the city's dog owners to take their pets on regular walks.

Under a new bylaw passed by the city council yesterday, spherical fishbowls are now banned and fairgrounds are no longer allowed to give away goldfish or other animals as prizes.

The bylaw was proposed by Monica Cirinna, a city councillor who told Il Messaggero, a newspaper in Rome: "It’s good to do whatever we can for our animals who, in exchange for a little love, fill our existence with their attention. The civilisation of a city can also be measured by this."

How much do you want to bet this woman doesn't believe that Western Civilization faces a significant threat from Islamic Jihadis, that she believes George Bush is the equivalent of Hitler, that she believes America is the greatest threat there is to world peace?

She's concerned with goldfish, and enough of her fellow city councillors agree with her concerns that a law was passed.