Thursday, October 06, 2005

The News Of The World

We are having Santa Ana wind conditions here in SoCal. These winds tend to make people feel very agitated. It seems like all of SoCal is in a bad mood. I'm feeling lethargic, bored, and angry; which means I basically feel like a teenager again.


I hope I don't get called up to the chalkboard to do a math problem.

Anyway, since I'm feeling so strange, I'm having trouble getting up the energy to actually think about anything important. However, important stuff has happened today, so I think I'll just link to it, instead of trying to frame and explain.

Bush gave a historic speech today. (Atlas Shrugs posted the speech in it's entirety.) There were a couple of important firsts in it. It was the first time Bush ever acknowledged the Islamist goal of establishing a worldwide Caliphate, and it was the first time he every called the Islamic radicals by their real name; Islamofascists.

The Anchoress has an important post about the ever increasing paranoia and polarization in our national discourse.

Michelle Malkin has a whole bunch of info about the suicide bomber from Oklahoma State University. It looks like he was motivated by Islamic Jihad after all. Surprise, huh? Gates of Vienna has more.

There seems to have been a very credible and frightening threat against the New York City subway system.

Man, I guess that's enough for one day. But, I'm sure more will come up. See ya.