Sunday, October 16, 2005

No Islam
No Peace

The Muslims are mad in Copenhagen:

Several thousand Muslims demonstrated in Copenhagen Friday against the treatment of Muslims in general and the images of Muhammad published by the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in particular.

"We fear that this could lead to violence and extremism, and that young people can decide to carry out extremist acts. We call upon the government to ban degradation of religions and hope that Jyllands-Posten will respond to just criticism," said Danish Muslim Katja Hansen on behalf of imam Fouad Al-Barazi from the Hejrevej mosque.

Fjordman's comment: "Remember, Islam is peace, or someone might get hurt."

Really, Fjordman's comment is just a witty way of saying what they consider to be the truth. The word Islam, after all, doesn't mean peace, it's specific meaning is submission. So, it only means peace in the sense that there would be peace after submission.

The problem is, we don't want to submit to Islam, because we don't like the way it asks us to live. And yes, I am taking the liberty to speak for all of Western Civilization here.

We don't want to eclipse our women in burqa's.

We don't want to institute Dhimmi laws, enforcing second-class citizenship on those who don't want to follow Allah.

We don't want to eliminate wine, or sexual content in art, from our culture.

We don't want to eliminate criticism of religion from our societal discourse.

We don't want to have a caste of Imam's with more authority than our elected politicians.

We don't want Islam to be the religion of our civilization, because Islam demands all of the above, and more.