Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh, d-d-Dear
Why Do They Me So?

I didn't think Britain's descent into dhimmitude could get any stupider than banning Piglet. Well, maybe it can't, but this TV show scheduled for tonight is a close second:

Islam’s greatest strength has always been its flexibility and ability to adapt to the local culture. This was what allowed it to spread from Spain to Indonesia and down through Africa, and what has given us today’s immense diversity of Muslim practices (warning; graphic image) and cultures. This flexibility is also where hope lies for the future of Great British Islam, with the youth seeking their own ways of being both British and Muslim.

Hey England, try just crawling under a rock and pretending you're dead. Then, maybe, if you're really good at barely breathing, maybe, just maybe the Muslims will leave you alone.

For God's sake.