Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Peace" Group Spreads Anti-Semitic Libels

This Front Page Magazine article details the anti-Semitism of the "peace" and "human rights" group, the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center:

Started by Palestinian Christians in 1989, Sabeel does not promote peace or a genuine understanding of the Middle East conflict but instead musters support for punishing Israel through divestment campaigns, part of its larger goal of dismantling Israel to make way for a Palestinian-dominated one-state solution.

At a conference in Chicago earlier this month:

Palestinian activist George Rishmawi actually claimed that Israel uses a poison gas that weakens the muscles of Palestinian demonstrators so they can’t run away, and that the IDF quickly retrieves the canisters so that no one can identify the gas. This echoed of the blood libel stories that have caused Jews so much suffering in the past.

I wish people of good faith had been with me to hear the relentless litany of historical distortions and slander. Michael Tarazi, a Harvard-educated attorney and former advisor to Palestinian leaders, accused Israel of starting all the Arab-Israeli wars, saying Israel probably withdrew from Gaza because Israel has, “depleted all the usable drinking water.”

Christians who fall for these anti-Semitic libels are repeating the mistakes of their European forebears. The movement for Palestinian National Liberation is a continuation of the Holocaust by other means.