Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sadomasochistic Fantasies of Jihadis
Used As Anti-American Propaganda

Get a load of this:

Mr Al Dossary describes being brutally beaten by up to eight guards and being forced to walk on broken glass, then having his face pushed down into it.

He describes an incident in 2002 reported in the GDN last week, in which he was stripped naked then shackled to the floor on his back, while a female interrogator squatted nude over him and smeared him with her menstrual blood.

In another incident, he alleges he was forced to watch a man and woman having sex, before being offered sex with the woman if he co-operated with interrogators.

The list of alleged incidents of abuse appears endless and Mr Al Dossary,who is thought to have attempted suicide more than once, says even the memory of them is torture.

“As I recall these incidents, I feel that I am losing my mind and my body is shivering, with a painful feeling deep inside me,” he writes.

That's called an orgasm, Mr. Al Dossary.