Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Say It Loud
I'm An Infidel And I'm Proud!

Atlas Shrugs posts a portion of a column today from one Mark Shields, who seems to think George Bush has invented this nifty little piece of strategery called "Islamo-fascism":

In what the White House promoted as "a major speech," President George W. Bush compared the struggle against terrorism to the Cold War, "Islamo-fascism" to communism and the fugitive cave-dweller Osama bin Laden to Adolf Hitler.

Compare that with the understanding Salim Mansur brings to his column for the Toronto Sun:

In Bali the infidels are Hindus; in Iraq the infidels are Shiites and misguided Kurds; for Palestinians, the infidels are Jews. Americans, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and Hindu Indians are all infidels who are present inside, or inhabit the bordering lands of Muslims, particularly the Middle East. As enemies of radical Islamists, they are to be terrorized indiscriminately, as was the objective of the London bombers this past July, with the aim that they will be compelled to withdraw from lands considered Islamic.

The internal war within the Muslim world, which is as old as Islam itself, went savagely global in the final decades of the last century. On 9/11 this internal conflict among Muslims erupted inside the United States, awakening America to the international menace of radical Islam in much the same way as Japanese militarism did 60 years earlier at Pearl Harbor.

But there are legions of Americans and Europeans, with supporters elsewhere in other continents, who are wilfully blind and deaf to the reality of radical Islam that Bush has sought to make plain in his public remarks. (Pastorius note: We know who he's talking about.)

They continue to insist that the violence of Muslim terrorists, despite being despicable, must yet be explained by reference to some “root causes” linked with the history of Western colonial imperialism.

Hence, these “useful idiots” (in Lenin’s memorable phrase) give pause to the vast majority of Muslims — in particular those in North America and Europe — whose silence in the face of evil feeds the bloodlust of Muslim terrorists.

My name is Pastorius, and I am an infidel.