Monday, October 03, 2005

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies

A Western Muslim scholar teaches us infidels about the word "peace":

Bassam Tibi, a Muslim professor at Gottingen University in Germany, said in an interesting speech a few months after September 11,

"Both sides should acknowledge candidly that although they might use identical terms, these mean different things to each of them. The word peace, for example, implies to a Muslim the extension of the Dar al-Islam -- or House of Islam -- to the entire world. This is completely different from the Enlightenment concept of eternal peace that dominates Western thought. Only when the entire world is a Dar al-Islam will it be a Dar a-Salam, or House of Peace."

You gotta love your enemies when they tell the truth, eh? Thanks for clarifying that for us, Bassam.