Wednesday, October 12, 2005

U.N. Says Sudanese Blood for Oil Is Fine

John Bolton is fed up with all the U.N. talk, talk, talk about the genocide in the Sudan. So, his solution was to use his veto to block anymore talk. (I'm a Dhimmi to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs today):

NEW YORK: U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton has blocked a UN envoy from briefing the Security Council on grave human rights breaches taking place in Darfur, saying the council should take "stronger action" against the atrocities and not just talk about them.

The Security Council met for a briefing on the latest developments in Darfur after rebels in the western Sudanese region abducted a number of African Union peacekeeping troops and killed some of them.

Bolton, joined by the ambassadors of Algeria, China and Russia, prevented Juan Mendez, Secretary General Kofi Annan's special adviser for the prevention of genocide, from briefing the council on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Darfur, despite a request by Annan and the other 11 council members states to hear what Mendez had to say.

Bolton said: "How many officials of the secretariat does it take to have a briefing?"

He added that council members already know that the situation in the Darfur region continues to deteriorate, and added "real action needs to be taken."

According to media reports, The U.S. is demanding tougher measures against Sudan and not just condemning statements by the UN.

But, you know why stronger action is not taken? Because two of France, Germany, China, and Russia have massive investments in the Sudan oil industry.

But, there is nothing to worry about, I guess, because France is pulling out the big guns now:

France calls for peace in Darfur
ArabicNews.comWed, 12 Oct 2005 France has persistently urged all sides in Darfur to halt attacks on the soldiers of the mission of the African Union for peace keeping and to honor cease fire in the district.