Thursday, October 20, 2005

Will Denmark Become An Islamic Country?

You've got to admire the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. They wanted to test the waters and see if religious freedom was really being impeded by the Islamic extremists in their midst, so they published a bunch of cartoons about Mohammed.

Well, they've got their answer:

Bombs exploding over pictures of Danish daily Jyllands-Posten and blood flowing over the national flag and a map of Denmark are among the images circulating on the internet after the newspaper printed twelve cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed last month.

Daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende reported that the internet collages, posted in the name of an unknown organisation calling itself 'The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe', showed pictures of various tourist attractions in Denmark and stated that 'The Mujahedeen have numerous targets in Denmark - very soon you all will regret this', amongst other things.

Another picture showed soldiers, armed with bombs, over a map of Denmark, with blood spattered over parts of the country.

The front page of Jyllands-Posten featured prominently on many of the four collages. The newspaper has been criticised by Muslims for printing the cartoons, and was forced to hire security guards after receiving hate mail and death threats over the telephone.

The newspaper asked illustrators to make the cartoons after reports that artists were reluctant to illustrate a book on Mohammed for fear of Muslim retribution. The daily's editors said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark.

The Glory Brigades have similarities with another internet group calling itself 'Al-Queda's Chapter in Northern Europe', which has also posted threats against Northern European countries and praised the London bombings in July.

From here, it's up to the Danish. Will they preserve Western Civilization and continue on in the face of death threats, or will they be bow to the pressure of the Islamic Jihadis? If they do, then their country has become an Islamic country.

UPDATE: Thanks to Rune for pointing out that I confused Holland and Denmark. Pretty stupid of me to be voicing my despair about Western Civilization, when I can't even keep it's various countries straight in my head.