Tuesday, November 08, 2005

13th Night

Yesterday, I predicted that after the Fatwa issued by the Union for Islamic Organizations of France, we would see more church's and synagogues bombed. The first news out of the 13th night of rioting is that a Protestant church in Meulan has been firebombed:

An eyewitness report which appears to be corroborated by commenters from the same town:
Afro-Moslems rioters attack a Protestant church.

«Tonight the Protestant church in Meulan was attacked. The roof is completely destroyed. I do not yet know if the interior is completely destroyed or not. You can’t smoke in a mosque, but trashing a church is less serious

This story also seems to be corroborated by this email, which The Anchoress received from a French reader. It's a must-read.