Sunday, November 13, 2005

18th Night

The rioting has spread across the border into Belgium. From the Astute Blogger:

In Belgium, too, the ministry of the Interior said that it has been “a relatively calm night.” Relative calmness means that in Brussels six cars and a school bus were torched, that there was an attempt to set a school on fire and that molotov cocktails were thrown at a hotel. There were also car fires and acts of vandalism in Mechelen, Liège, Frameries and Seneffe.

“These were all isolated incidents that have been dealt with in an adequate way by the police and the fire brigade,” the ministry stressed in a press release. In short, it is not really worth mentioning in the media.

Yesterday Patrick Dewael, the Belgian minister of the Interior, criticised the newspaper La Dernière Heure for reporting that an extremist weblog is calling upon Muslim radicals to start large-scale rioting in Brussels on Saturday. The newspaper did not make the story up, but it should not have told the public about it.

The Astute Blogger links to multiple stories to show that the MSM is dissembling about the breadth and strength of the rioting. Dissembling is, of course, a fancy word for lying.

The Astute Blogger's analysis of just why the MSM is lying, is priceless. Go read it. Now.