Tuesday, November 15, 2005

21st Night:
A Frog
In Water

Today, we enter into day 22, the third week of rioting in France. Things do seem to be slowing down, but, there's still a hell of a lot of black smoke billowing over France:

162 vehicles burned, 42 arrests, and one injured policeman by 4AM. This is what the French call an acceptable level of violence for a Saturday night in the summer. Now that they are getting it during a winter weekday, they are trying very hard to convince themselves that everything is back to normal.

At this point, the Islamic Jihadis have learned what they need to know; that the French will not do anything. All they will need to do is organize more riot cells, and instigate larger riots next time, and larger the time after that. That way, they can take over France without the French even noticing, like boiling a frog in water.