Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The ADL:
Picking The Wrong Enemies
Again and Again

The Anti-Defamation League puts out reports on the dangers of skinheads, and anti-Semitism from groups on the right. All the while, missing the story that the fount of murderous anti-Semitism and toleration of Jew-hatred springs forth on the Left these days.

And now, they have declared war on Evangelicals.

Oh, for God's sake. This is an organization which has outlived it's usefulness. Die already.

I have a dream, that one day blogs like this, and all the others who do work similar to CUANAS, will replace the ADL in national discourse. And I pray that we never get old and senile like the ADL.

UPDATE: Some more thoughts.

I'm just a small blogger, but if you add my audience to the audience of all the other like-minded small bloggers, and add to them LGF, and Atlas Shrugs, and Roger Simon, etc., I think we've already outdone the ADL.

Not only do we get out more important/relevant info, but more people pay attention, and they spend much more time reading all of us than they have ever spent digesting ADL press releases and newsletters.

One has to wonder how much longer an organization will retain any relevancy at all, considering the fact that there are others doing what they do, and better. The only thing the ADL is good for is that when they do put out a press release, the MSM will talk about it. The blogosphere isn't there in influence, yet. However, with the advent of Open Source Media, things may change soon.

Think about this. The ADL takes in tens of millions of dollars a year. I, and most of the other bloggers do this for FREE. Why? Because it's that important.