Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Are The Jihadis Becoming More Desparate?

The Astute Blogger notes that in London the Metropolitan Police are stepping up the terror warning:

[Sir Ian BlaIr:] "I have never seen anything like what's happening at the moment. There are people out there in the UK plotting mass murder without warning." ... "I do believe the state has a duty to its citizens to give the greatest level of protection it can." ... "This is different. It is chilling and what we are saying is we are very, very worried and alarmed about it..."

The Astute Blogger comments:

A major attack was just foiled in Australia. There is a WIDESPREAD intifada throughout France. And now this.

I don't think all this was MERELY intended to coincide - more or less - with Ramadan and Eid. I think that as the Iraqi election gets closer, and as we put MORE AND MORE pressure on Syria - and ESPECIALLY as we put more pressure on Iran - that the jihadoterrorist threat INCREASES.

WHY?! We are cornering the enemy and they know it, and they are getting more desperate.

I hope he is right.