Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Clash of Civilizations

Here, is an excellent article,from the German paper, Die Welt, via Fjordman, about why Western Civilization is such an amazing thing, and so worth preserving:

The title of my pages is The Free West. It is not a random title. It is something I believe in. I am a secular person but I deeply believe - in an almost religious way - in the freedoms our western societies have achieved through sacrifice, pain, suffering, and through the collective intellectual and emotional efforts of millions of human beings who have shaped our pasts.

Our freedom is not a phenomenon we should take for granted. It is a miracle. The basic ‘natural’ state of human existence is marked by repression, lack of justice, hunger, the rule of tyrants, and only in the last three centuries, we see the emergence of individual freedom. Technology, sciences, the separation of church and state, helped in creating the right mindset for the development of the free spirit that independently produces its own values, its own lifestyle, and its own world - without neglecting tradition and history.

Since 9/11 my life has been marked by the feverish question why young, bright men started to hate our freedoms and gave their lives - and took the lives of thousands of others - in order to create a world ruled by ancient superstition.

Our freedoms exist thanks to individual discipline and individual responsibility within functioning organizational bodies like the judiciary, the state, the police, and the great thing is that this system works: never before in European (and Western) history have so many people been living with so much freedom, so much wealth, so much possibilities to shape their lives in peace and safety.

Nevertheless, these young Muslims, living among us, were disgusted by our freedoms and preferred a life in the shadow of medieval texts they considered sacrosanct. What we face today is how two deeply contrasting worldviews collide: the idea that reality is a human adventure, and the idea that reality is the product of a superhuman Force that contains all other forces. In other words: the struggle between the West and radical Islam is another phase in the containment of the tradition of magical thinking that has been haunting the human race since the beginning of human consciousness.

Go read the rest.