Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dutch Novel Plot Is
A Jewish Conspiracy to Kill Politician
And Then Blame Muslims

From Fjordman (Sorry for the bad translation from the original Dutch):

Een moorddadig joods complot

A murderous Jewish plot

This climate of fear and threats is the setting for the newest crime novel of Thomas Ross. "The Hand of God" sets Ayaan Hirsi Ali up for a fatal plot. After the assassination of Van Gogh she is protected heavily against attacks by radical Moslems. Like in most of his books, Ross uses this real situation and gives it a special twist.

In this novel the threat does not come from Islamic circles but from Jewish ones. The Iraqi Jew Duka fights his whole life against Islamic extremists, first in the Israeli army and in his old days clandestine in the Netherlands. There he wants make an end to anti-Semitic intimidations by Moslems. According to Duka are the Netherlands many Jews in with that make. The old Jew and his family for this reason wants to kill Hirsi Ali and make it seem like the work Moslems.

The old Duka thinks that a large part of the Western world considers Hirsi Ali as a symbol in the fight against Moslems. The assassination attack which he prepares is therefore especially an opportunist action, because her death by itself means little to him. He gambles that politicians and citizens massively will turn against Dutch Moslems if icon Hirsi Ali is cut down.

The surname Ross, that of the author, is often a Jewish name. I wonder if he is a Jew himself. This is pathetic, but you know, it's free speech.