Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Failure of England
To Rediscover
Its Culture Afresh
Would Lead
Only to
Greater Political

From the Australian, via YARGB:

BRITAIN'S first black Archbishop has made a powerful attack on multiculturalism, urging English people to reclaim their national identity.The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said that too many people were embarrassed about being English.

"Multiculturalism has seemed to imply, wrongly for me, let other cultures be allowed to express themselves but do not let the majority culture at all tell us its glories, its struggles, its joys, its pains," he said.

The failure of England to rediscover its culture afresh would lead only to greater political extremism, he said.

Dr Sentamu, a former judge in Uganda, called for the English to rediscover their cultural identity by properly marking celebrations such as St George's Day on April 23.

"I speak as a foreigner, really. The English are somehow embarrassed about some of the good things they have done," he said. "They have done some terrible things but not all the empire was a bad idea.

"Because the empire has gone there is almost the sense in which there is not a big idea that drives this nation."

The archbishop, who fled Idi Amin's regime in 1974, said he would not be where he was today were it not for the British Empire and the English teachers and missionaries who worked in Africa.

Dr Sentamu was speaking to The Times before his enthronement as the church's No2 at York Minster on November 30.

"What is it to be English? It is a very serious question," he said. "I think we have not engaged with English culture as it has developed. It is a culture that whether we like it or not, has given us parliamentary democracy. It is the mother of it. It is the mother of arguing that if you want a change of government, you vote them in or you vote them out," he said.

"It is a place that has allowed reason to be at the heart of all these things, that has allowed genuine dissent without resort to violence."

He disliked the word "tolerance" when used in reference to different cultures. "It seems to be the word tolerance is bad because it just means putting up with it," he said.

"I was raised in the spirit of magnanimity. That is a better word than tolerance.

"If you are magnanimous in your judgments on other people, there is a chance that I will recognise that you will help me in my struggle."

I know that my wife and her family, who are also from a "third world" country whom the West has subjugated, feel the same way. They recognize that there have been abuses, but at the same time, they realize that greater opportunities for success and happiness lie within the Western System, than do within the system built by their respective culture.

Multiculturalism may have destroyed our pride in the Western Tradition here in the West, but that does not mean that those who have been saved by the Western Tradition do not recognize the power, and goodness, of the culture they have been saved by.

Witness Hirsi Ali; hero of Western Civilization.