Thursday, November 03, 2005

French Revolution?

Here's a report about the riots, from a Parisian, posted by "U2", over at the French blog No Pasaran:

Portions of French media are being overrun by true public sentiment (just as the Establishment was overrun by popular ire during the referendum on the European Constitution).

Talk radio and web forums are coming down squarely in favor of Interior Minister Sarkozy with calls for a heavy hand when dealing with rioters.

The French preSS is having none of this. Libération PropagandaStaffel and Le Monde Al-Jazeera on the Seine are dripping with compassion for humiliated French youth. On the TF1 - LCI news site, flagrant censorship in the face of dissenting opinions is barely concealed behind a statement asking readers to be patient because the web forum is overloaded and cannot take anymore comments.

Rather than accept any further comments in favor of law and order (running 10-1 against the rioters before the shutdown), they prefer to close the forum.

So, the media has a lockdown on reality, but the French people want Sarkozy, the law and order guy, to do his thing. That's good to hear.

Meanwhile, 1000 riot police will be patrolling the streets of the Muslim neighborhoods tonight. It could get ugly.

The world is lucky Sarkozy is a good man. If not, the French might have to turn to the racist Le Pen to be their strongman in the face of this threat.