Monday, November 07, 2005

Good News:

Angered by the recent Al Qaeda murders of two Moroccan Embassy employees, 150,000 Muslims demonstrated in the streets of Morocco, against Al Qaeda. And the government got into the spirit of things by issuing a warning to the terrorist organization:

  • 150,000 Demonstrate Against Al Qaida in Morocco
  • Protesters Pledge Unity with Iraq! "All Moroccans are with Iraq, all Moroccans are innocent," the marchers chanted.
  • Rally draws people cutting across political lines
  • Officials say they will not succumb to Al Qaida blackmail

But the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said its embassy would not succumb to "blackmail," particularly "coming from a terrorist group which cannot claim to represent Iraq."

It said Al-Qaeda "is attempting shamefully to justify (the killings) with so-called religious references and false political considerations."

This is what the moderate Muslims of the West should be doing. If so, they would gain much good will and trust. As it is, they are losing more every day.

The first thing Muslims ought to do is invite their Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Hindi, etc. friends down to the Mosque on a Saturday to cart out the Saudi-provided hate literature, and take it to the recycling center.

C'mon, my friends. Let's get the show on the road.

UPDATE: Good comment from Jason Pappas.

Now is the time we should lead the rally to isolate the Saudi family. Muslims know where this crap originates. I'm becoming more convinced of the centrality of this regime – the Kremlin of Islam – organizing, funding, and feeding hate into the Islamic world. (Similar to what you’ve been considering.)

Islam is like a religion with a reduced immunization system; it is susceptible to those who want to revive the original martial ideology as Mohammad himself embodied this himself. And the Saudi family is like the black plague unleashed on a susceptible and often unsuspecting population in various places around the world.

People don’t know how to fight back theologically but, often, in the hearts they want to. This example in Morocco is great.

We should help isolate and discredit the Saudi family. Our government doesn’t have what it takes to get involved in ideological disputes, but it can single out the source of the disease as vicious and unfair. Places like Morocco, which are at the outer limits of the Islamic world, don’t want to live under the austere Islam of the Wahhabbi.