Friday, November 11, 2005

Great Moments In The History Of Neutrality

How neutral were they? They were so, so neutral:

Sweden’s neutral role during World War Two is the subject of a new museum exhibition which displays documentary evidence of war-time medical experiments, commerce with the Nazis and indifference to the plight of Jews.

Despite it’s official neutrality, Sweden delivered railway tracks and ball-bearings to Germany and was paid for the deliveries in gold. It also helped transport German soldiers on its railroads up to the north to the border of occupied Norway.

Helene Loeoew, head of the Living History Forum, which set up the exhibit said. ”Our main aim is to reveal the problematic nature of Sweden’s role during the war and raise questions about it. There is a lot of forgotten history ... I think it’s important to remember, especially when it comes to our own history,” Loeoew said, acknowledging that some might find the exhibit controversial.

”Some might think that some parts are too graphic ... This is not an exhibit for children,” she said, adding that others might think it gives to much of a negative picture of Sweden’s role in the war.

Heaven forbid that we be negative about people who aided Nazis, and gladly took the money they stole from Jews. Heaven forbid.

Neutrality is an economic niche for Sweden.