Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hijab Chic

I saw something that I thought was a little humorous today. I was at the mall, walking by the makeup counter in one of the big department stores, when I saw two Muslim women in long dresses, and hijab -veils, like the one pictured, except the ones these gals were wearing were black).

They were standing at the makeup counter discussing makeup, and it's application with the girl behind the counter.

Even chicks in veils want to feel pretty, I guess.

UPDATE: Alright, you learn something new every day, and if you don't then you're trying not to. And, this one should have been obvious.

A nice Muslim women, named Aminah, commented on this post, saying the following:

I just wanted to comment on your post.

I am a Muslim woman and i wear hijab, which is the headscarf, but i do not wear the whole abaya, thats the long dress thingy. Many Muslim women wear makeup and are very into fashion. It is not uncommon at all to see this, it all depends on where you live I guess.

Also, we do not dress like this at home and with our other female friends, we wear all the same clothes and makeup and do hair all the same...It is just when going out in public we choose to cover more as to not attarct a lot attention to our bodies and be objectified, its just a modesty thing that some Muslim women choose.

Just wanted to explain this... (all emphases were mine)

Thanks, Aminah. I am chastened. I can understand your not wanting to attract the attention of guys, the way many of us behave. That is, actually, admirable. And, heck, some Hollywood stars do the same thing at times. Even my wife does stuff like that. I remember being really irritated at her one time, when we went to this black-tie dinner and she wore this black sweater over her beautiful dress the whole evening. The dress was strapless, and she said she didn't like the way the men at the party were looking at her.

I understood, but it still pissed me off, because I think my wife is very beautiful, and I like to look at her.

The thing many of us are concerned with is whether you have a choice in wearing the veil. If you choose to wear a veil of your own free will, then that's a fine, and possibly even, an admirable thing. But, if there is no choice, then you are on your way to allowing a Taliban/Saudi Arabia atmosphere to creep into your life.

No one wants that to happen, except perhaps, some core of powerful men whose will to subjugate everyone around them must be resisted at all costs.

UPDATE II: Dag also has left some very worthy comments. He doesn't believe Amina, as far as he can throw her. Check it out.

I think it is likely Amina is telling the truth. I have had some very nice, normal Muslim friends. However, I have never had any friends who wore Hijab. Not too many Muslim wear Hijab where I'm from, although, recently, the number has been increasing.