Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hirsi Ali:
Hero of


Hirsi Ali, whose movie Submission, made in conjunction with Theo Van Gogh, about the ill-treatment of women in Islamic countries, cost Van Gogh his life, and made her Muslim Public Enemy No. 1, has declared that she refuses to back down against the Jihadis who would have her dead.

Instead, she will make a film which depicts how gay people are treated under Islamic rule:

A Somali-born Dutch MP who collaborated on the film that led to the murder of director Theo van Gogh has written a sequel, about Islam’s attitude to gays.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali received death threats after her work on Submission, a film about Islam’s treatment of women.

Van Gogh was shot and stabbed by a Muslim radical, Mohammed Bouyeri, as he cycled through Amsterdam in 2004.

The film will use anonymous actors and carry no credits in an effort to protect those involved in the project.

Ms Ali told Dutch media that she had co-written the script with Van Gogh in the summer of 2004, months before he was killed last November.

“I examine the position of homosexuals in Islam in the film Submission II,” she told the De Volkskrant newspaper. “In the movie, they are called Allah’s creatures,” she added.

The MP is an outspoken critic of Islamic values and describes herself as a “lapsed” Muslim.

Hirsi Ali is my hero.

She is an incredibly brave woman, who fights for the values of Western Civilization with a religious fervor, though she is not a native of Europe. She has had to live with 24-hour protection for the past 18 months because she is under constant threat of death. Many nights she has literally had to sleep in military barracks, and jail cells.

How many of us would sacrifice so much for the values that we believe in?