Friday, November 11, 2005

Is The French Government
Censoring Anti-Jihad Internet Sites?

From No Pasaran:

It may also be that the opportunity was taken to perform a field test to cut off traffic in an even worse case scenario. The only way this seems possible is to redirect internet traffic through military servers with filters and interception used as a crisis measure. After all there were at least two days where one some users who routed through proxies could see sites that others couldn’t.Said one observer who wrote to ¡No Pasaràn!:

« Note that French "moderate" Muslim sites (complete with hidden jihad call, anti-French, anti-western/anti-US and anti-Semite prejudice,...), islamoleftist (such as the infamous Radio-Islam), and leftists websites still are freely accessible.

The blocked sites are NOT neonazi, they are conservative and "Islamophobic", but the french government has been very afraid of the internet, especially after the "Radikal Web" affair, a rightwing webring of anti-islam and anti-Chirac websites, which was hounded by the "thought police" ("antiracist" & plain leftist hackers and organizations with contacts in the French police), and were later busted when there was a totally unrelated "attempted attempted" assassination against Our Dear Leader.

Since then, the gvt has been pressuring Islamophobic webmasters by suing them one after the other.This is only minor, but this needs to be known in the USA that these are the people who wish to control the internet

If it is true that the French government is censoring these "Islamophobic" sites, then it is evidence that the reason for the censorship is not concern over Islamophobia, but instead that the French government simply does not want the French people to learn the truth about the Muslim community in France.

Why do I say that? Because while the "Islamophobic" web sites are having trouble, the outright racist politician Le Pen's site is going strong, as is noted in this article. That would be because Le Pen is not a threat to the mainstream French media burqa, because, as he is a known racist, no one takes him seriously.

And there are people who want the United States to give up control of the internet.