Friday, November 11, 2005

Is The Jihad Is Worldwide And Coordinated?
Ed Morrisey, Apparently, Believes So

Quite a few people in the blogosphere whose intelligence I respect have expressed their doubts and disagreements with my assertion that the French riots are most likely centrally organized. So, it is good to see that a "major blogger," whose intelligence I respect, agrees with me:

The French authorities have heard Internet and instant-message chatter that a big demonstration designed to recharge the uprising will be held in the next couple of days. CQ received an e-mail from an anonymous source that contains a rather specific plan and date for a demonstration, although I'd prefer not to pass it along and assist in getting the word out.

Clearly, though, the measures taken by the French have had mixed results at best. Curfews have convinced the joyriders to stay home, but hardcore rioters remain out in the street. An overnight arrest total of 201 across the country has dampened but not put down the uprising, and the police expect more, not less, this weekend.

Does the American media suffer from ADHD and find themselves incapable of following an important story for longer than ten days? Or do they find themselves increasingly unable to explain the serious and continued violence despite the bribery and politically-correct strategies employed by French security forces?

It seems to me that the media cannot bring themselves to admit that the uprising has more behind it than bored youths looking to blow off some steam and acting spontaneously and unilaterally. The riots have a purpose, and they have a central control structure -- and that means someone wants to make specific gains from attacking France.

Morrisey here makes the assertion that the riots are centrally organized. I don't believe I have ever asserted that in such a categorical way. If so, it would have been because of emotion.

Instead, it is my opinion that the riots are centrally organized. I don't know it to be true. I come to this opinion simply because I don't believe the electrocution deaths of two boys were flashpoint enough to have started these riots.

Put these riots together with the other three (England, Denmark, Egypt) which have started suspiciously in the past few weeks, and the fact that Danish rioters admitted their riots were "planned," and you will see how I come to the belief I have .

I have a very hard time understanding how intelligent people, who would otherwise have no trouble believing that Al Qaeda was behind the 7/7 London bombings, would categorically refute the idea of Al Qaeda involvement in the riots.

If you were Osama Bin Laden, or some other international terrorist mastermind, and your goal was to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, including Europe, would you not think to use riots as one of your methods for destablizing governments? Wouldn't such a weapon be an obvious choice?

Could it be that many intelligent people simply are not aware of the methodology of crowd control? That they have not ever taken note of the fact that there are people who are gifted at inspiring large crowds of people to do things they would not otherwise do? That these gifted people use specific techniques to accomplish the things they do with crowds?

Go to a rock concert, an African-American church, a motivational seminar, and you will see masses of people induced to orgasmic frenzies. There was a man who travelled around the United States a few years back motivating normal everyday business people to walk on burning coals. And they did it, without hurting themselves.

If motivational speakers can accomplish such things, it is entirely conceivable that our enemies would take note, and learn the techniques themselves.

I think it is important that we consider this possibility, because, it is my belief that it is likely that there are, currently, crowd control cells in various countries around the world, just waiting for the slightest advantage, to create the same kinds of riots in streets everywhere.

It would help us to find out who these people are, if they do in fact exist.