Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Jihad
Is Worldwide
And Coordinated,
Part V

Terrorist Group
Hizb 'ut Tahrir
Was Behind
Riots In France

Apparently, I was right.

As usual, The Astute Blogger brings the best info:

All indicators point to the involvement of some Pakistani, Algerian and Moroccan members of the London-based Hizbut Tehrir (HT) in the violence by sections of angry Muslim youth, which has rocked the suburbs of Paris and some other towns of France since October 27,2005.

The outbreak initially was spontaneous following the electrocution of two Muslim youth as they were fleeing away from a random identity papers check by the Police. The violence continued to be spontaneous, with no external instigation, for three days.

In the meanwhile, it is reported by reliable sources, the headquarters of the HT in London saw the agitprop potential of the developments in Paris and sent some of their experts, who had participated in instigating the violence earlier this year in Afghanistan over the alleged desecration of the Holy Koran by the US guards at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba and in Uzbekistan over the allegedly autocratic ways of the local Government, to Paris to stoke the anger of the youth and exploit it for their purpose. ...

With the help of the sleeper cells, which the HT has already established in Paris and other parts of France for some months, they drew up plans for keeping the violence sustained in order to further radicalise and mobilise the youth against the French Government. ...

While there is no evidence of its involvement so far in any act of jihadi terrorism anywhere in the world, it has been involved in many instances of political agitation in the streets in some countries and in attempts at subverting the armed forces and the intelligence agencies in Pakistan and other Islamic countries. ...

It is reported by reliable sources in Pakistan that the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) in Pakistan has instructed its cells in France to assist the HT clandestinely as best as they can. Similarly, the Jamat-ul-Furqa (JUF), which has some followers in the community of Caribbean origin in France, has also asked its followers to assist the HT. Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber, was suspected to be a member of the JUF.

Of course, I don't believe even the initial violence was "spontaneous," and I've been saying that since the very beginning. The reason I don't is because there were four almost simultaneous Muslim riots, which all began right after Ramadan ended.

(As it says in the Koran, Sura 9:5, "And when the sacred months are passed, kill those who join other gods with God wherever you shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush.")

The "spokesmen for the riots in Denmark admitted to a reporter that the riot had been planned "three weeks" before.

Now, of course, this article is not final confirmation that my hunch is correct, but I'm taking it as a small dose of vindication.

The Astute Blogger says:

I feel that this connection is likely and that the intel analysis is also likely accurate. It seems reasonable to me to assume that HT would seek to exploit any chance they could to destabilize any and all USA allies, and at least exacerbate pre-conditions for further islamization in nations that seem ripe for dhimmitude.

France is both an ally of the USA (in Afghanistan) and ripe for dhimmitude. France should get the NATO nations to (attack) ... HT and their allies.

Yes, they should. This must be taken VERY seriously.

Riots are among the most dangerous weapons the Islamists have. It was a human presence in the streets of Eastern Europe which brought down the Wall, and collapsed Soviet Communism in countries like Poland and Hungary. It was a human presence in the streets (along with the close proximity of the U.S. military in neighboring Iraq) which caused Assad to pull his troops out of Lebanon.

When that human presence doubles up their power by rioting, they can be even more effective. Governments can end, folks. France can go bye bye. I'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow, or next year. But, it can happen, and it will, eventually, happen, if we don't take these riots seriously.

If the EU allows Turkey to become a member nation, the gates will be thrown open for Islamofascists to migrate to France, to Germany, to Holland, Denmark, and England. Should this happen, such Muslim riots will have lethal consequences. Europe itself could topple.

Am I an alarmist? Well, hell yeah, I am.

Osama Bin Laden's goal is to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate (nation). He is a very intelligent man. We do ourselves an extreme disservice if we do not take him seriously. We know that Bin Laden's Al Qaeda training manual includes Psy-ops and Special Operations of all forms. So, why would we not believe that he would be smart enough to have added crowd control and riot instigation to his arsenal?

Since we live in a Western media-dominated culture, I will reference something we are all familiar with. Do you think Bono, or Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) could not start a riot, given the right circumstances?

The answer is, they could, and they know it.

Crowd control is a technique for which they both have natural gifts. However, it is a technique. Many black American Christian ministers also have the technique of crowd control down to a science. As I have mentioned here before, there was a man who went around the United States back in the 80's-90's who was able to induce people to believe they could walk across burning coals.

And they did.

That is crowd control. And, it can be learned. And, if it can be learned, then we need to consider the possibility that Al Qaeda will use it. And, that they do. And, when riots occur, we need to understand that they could very well have been instigated, and that they very likely are being controlled and prolonged by Islaic Jihadi special forces.

When riots occur, we need to put all government resources (internet and wire-tapping, spying in Mosques and in the homes of known Islamic Jihadis, etc.) into finding these special forces. And, we need to remove them from the population.

So, there's the CUANAS sermon of the day. Pass the hat around, Fu2rman.