Friday, November 25, 2005

King Of Jordan
Declares War
On Islamofascism

King Abdullah declare "all-out war":

AMMAN (AFP) - King Abdullah II named his security chief as prime minister to launch "all-out war" on Islamist militants while bringing in reforms, two weeks after the deadly hotel bombings that rocked Jordan.

Maaruf Bakhit, 58, a former ambassador to Israel who was appointed just last week as national security chief, has been named to replace Adnan Badran, prime minister for only seven months.

The revamp, announced by a high-ranking official, comes after the triple bombings in Amman on November 9 that killed 60 people and were followed by a number of changes in top security and palace staff.

King Abdullah said the new cabinet's mission would be "to wage all-out war against extremist groups and their ideology," in a message to Bakhit. "This requires the urgent introduction of an anti-terrorist law."