Monday, November 21, 2005

Model Takes Ecstacy
And "Converts" To Islam ...
Could Lose Her Head

Australian underwear model Michelle Leslie went to Indonesia for a little fun in the sun, and ended up in jail for three months for possession of Ecstacy. During the course of her incarceration, she had a "conversion" to Islam, which seems to have helped her in court. Oh, the hijinks that are beginning to ensue:

Australian model Michelle Leslie has used Islam to obtain a favourable outcome from the Indonesian courts and cannot continue to parade the catwalk in her underwear, an Islamic leader says.

Leslie, 24, is expected to return to Australia this week after serving three months in Bali's Kerobokan jail for possessing two ecstasy tablets.

The underwear model, who says she is a convert to Islam, wore Muslim dress during her trial but after her release switched to skintight jeans and a singlet top which exposed her stomach.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ameer Ali today accused Leslie of engaging in a "stunt" by wearing Islamic dress.

"It looks as though ... she used Islam as a stunt to get a judgment in her favour," he told AAP.

"If the judgment was skewed by her appearance in Muslim dress, it leaves a lot to be desired of the Indonesian justice system."

Dr Ali said Islam prohibited women from behaving in an immodest fashion, and Leslie could not continue to work as an underwear model.

There were no specific hard-and-fast rules about the extent to which Leslie had to cover her body, but Islamic beliefs prohibited her from being "semi-naked".

"There's an Islamic code of dressing which says women must be modest," he said.

"You can't go cat-walking with a semi-naked body.

"Michelle Leslie cannot do what she was doing before as a model for lingerie and underwear. That's not allowed in Islam."

Muslim models existed in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia but they dressed modestly, Dr Ali said.
"She can do modelling, but it's a fine line and she has to be modest," he said.

Interestingly, I got this from Eric at Jihad Watch, whose comment is, "Quit your whining, Dr. Ali. It appears that Ms. Leslie WILL do what she pleases."

Methinks Eric doth miss the point. In my opinion, Dr.Ali isn't disputing the idea that, in Western Countries, Ms. Lestlie has the right to dress any way she pleases. He is saying that according to Islam, she is not allowed to.

Think on this quote from Dr. Ali:

"It looks as though ... she used Islam as a stunt to get a judgment in her favour," he told AAP.

You see, Islam doesn't have anything against conversion by threat of death. Therefore, the fact that Ms. Leslie pulled this "stunt", and that her conversion was apparently insincere, doesn't make it any less a true Islamic conversion.

And, do you know what the penalty for apostacy is, according to the Koran?

I'll give you a hint; If Dr. Ali has his way, Ms. Leslie won't be modeling underwear any longer. Instead, she will be modeling coffins.