Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Multiculturalism and The Herd Instinct

Dag trains his laser mind on Multiculturalism and disintegrates the Collectivist ideology:

Multi-culturalism is the politics of group identity. It is a collectivist politic that defines the person as part of a group rather than the group as a collection of individual people.

In the realm of identity politic ideology, the worst thing one can do is devalue the group, such as when one devalues the person by claiming he is "x," which reflects from him and onto the group identity: for example, if a man riots in the streets of Paris he is not a rioter but an expressive agent of Islamic rage; and if he is arrested he is not a criminal but a victim of racism inherent in the system that attacks him and his whole religious community by singling out the rioter and thereby imprisoning the entire group by proxy.

If one were to claim that one man is a vandal, then by extension, one is a racist, blaming all members of the man's group for vandalism. One for all and all for all within the group.

The origins of this collectivist and tribalist nonsense lie in the origins of Humanity, and it is we in the modern West - who are the minority in our approach to man as a private individual, free to make his own decisions, and accept his own consequences, good or bad, therefrom. But it is only since the late 18th century that this idea is intellectualized for the masses. It is only in the past short span of years that multi-culturalism has gained credence in the modern West as coeternal with democracy and individualism; and yet the two cannot co-exist.

The time is come for us as residents of the West to determine whether we are individualists or collectivists. We are free men and women with the inherent right to privacy that Life demands or we are members of our groups and beholden to the group for our identity and being as free men and women. It cannot be both ways at once.

If we are victims whose actions are only further evidence of our victimhood, then we do not have free will. Herds do not have free will. Collectivism is the polical expression of the herd instinct. Thus, as a political ideology, it asserts that man does not have free will.

This is in antipathy to the tradition of Western Civilization which is built on a Judeo-Chrisitan foundation, asserting that man was created in the Image of God, and is thus a free and creative being.

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