Friday, November 18, 2005

For Riots

It has nothing to do with Islam:

PARIS (Reuters) - French Muslim leaders denounced on Thursday efforts to blame Muslims and Islam for recent riots in the country's rundown suburbs and said they saw worrying signs of growing prejudice against their faith here.

Many young rioters may have been from Muslim backgrounds, but their violent outburst was a protest against unemployment, poor housing and other bias they faced because of their foreign origins, they told journalists.

"They didn't act like that because they're Muslims, but because of the misery they're living in," said Kamel Kabtane, rector of the Grand Mosque of Lyon in eastern France.

When the riots broke out after the accidental deaths of two youths apparently fleeing police in a poor Paris suburb, some conservative politicians publicly suggested radical Islamists were either behind the unrest or exploiting it to win new supporters.

Mohammad Bechari, head of the National Federation of French Muslims (FNMF), said Muslim leaders were concerned about the rioting but disagreed with the way many local officials turned to religious leaders to try to calm the youths down.

"We refuse to be sub-contractors," he said.

"When French farmers go out on protest, they don't turn to the Catholic Bishops' Conference to intervene," Kabtane added.

Yes, yes, then why did Muslim leaders act as negotiators. And, why were 12 churches burnt in the riots, but not a single Mosque:

One dozen Christian churches were defiled, ransacked and/or torched by rioters in France during the intifada. That's one every other day over the last two weeks. Quite a clip. And during the same period, not a single mosque was torched by the rioters, (whose Muslim-ness has nothing to do with the riots - according to the MSM. And nothing about these targeted attacks against churches has appeared in the MSM, either).

In the old days, when the KKK - (who were like today's islamofascists: a group committed to tyranny and willing to use terror to impose it) - were torching BLACK churches, liberals did not hesitate to join the fight against the KKK. WHY DO THEY STAND AT THE SIDELINES NOW!? WORSE: why do actively work to make it tougher to defeat today's "GLOBAL KKK" the jihadoterrorists!? Sheesh.

ANSWER: Today's Lefties are like yesteryear's reactionaries. Yesteryear's liberals are today's neo-cons. IOW: FDR and JFK would be neo-cons today. And the And the brave volunteers joing the US military to fight islamofascisim in Iraq today, are like the Freedom-riders of the 1960's.

There were also several Synagogues firebombed, but once again, no Mosques.

It had nothing to do with Islam. It had nothing to do with Islam. It had nothing to do with Islam.