Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Courtesy Zombie

On November 6, 2005, I attended the opening reception for a new exhibit at the Berkeley Art Center, a city-sponsored gallery in Live Oak Park. The exhibit was called Justice Matters: Artists Consider Palestine, and purported to "address current contemporary issues of occupation and colonization within Palestine."

The first painting to catch my eye was this one of what is apparently a young suicide bomber wearing a mask made out of a kaffiyeh. The Arabic words behind him say, over and over, "I will not accept a little" or "I will not accept a pittance," apparently referring to the desire for a Palestinian state that occupies all of modern-day Israel, and not just the West Bank and Gaza. In other words, it is a call for the elimination of Israel, seemingly with suicide bombing as the means for achieving this. (Thanks to evariste for the translation.)