Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Paris Intifada: A Cycle of Violence

The comments section over at Little Green Footballs is just smokin' with good one and two-liners about the Paris Intifada (Hat tip: The Astute Blogger):


Dar ul Harb 11/3/2005 08:40AM PST

Well, it's starting to become a "cycle of violence," I see.

The French will just have to understand the national aspirations of their Muslim population to establish an Islamic Republic.

Land for peace, anyone?


Cheesehead 11/3/2005 08:40AM PST

Now, Paris REALLY is the City of Lights.


American Infidel 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

France and the rioters need to end this CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. They need to get back to the NEGOTIATING TABLE and FOLLOW THE ROAD MAP.


Sizzle 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

Who will rescue the French?


Globular Cluster 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST



Poitiers-Lepanto 11/3/2005 08:42AM PST

It has already been said but it is important:

All those paintings and statues at the Louvre are a humiliation for the muslims ! The Louvre brothel is full of images of naked women !

And Notre Dame ? You can see it from everywhere, it has evidently been built to offend the muslim community !


Globular Cluster 11/3/2005 08:48AM PST

The rioters are fighting back against the well-equipped French the only way they can! They do not have planes or tanks.

And then, something more ominous:


Golem Akbar 11/3/2005 08:43AM PST

Will Chirac offer the immigrant neighborhoods to set up Sharia? And how soon before the Jews of France are warned by the French government that it is no longer safe for them in France?

I don't think so. I believe Sarkozy will be elected in 2007.