Monday, November 14, 2005

Paris Riots,
Or How Nazi Germany
Managed to Sneak Up On Us All

An excellent piece by Pierre LeGrand, over at the PapaDoc Blog:

In some ways it is tragically funny that the French have responded to the burning of their country with censorship. They have asked the Jews to keep quiet about attacks on their persons and their institutions. They have simply not extensively covered the churches that were burnt. All in an attempt to hide the one fact that is irrevocably true, the instigators and rioters are Muslims. This does not have to be an attack by Al Queda to be an attack by Muslims, this is simply Islam following its primary calling to spread itself by the sword if need be.

But the story of a Mosque attacked is being pushed around like it is some sort of vindication that this isn’t about Islam. Perhaps hoping that all of us have forgotten how easily Islamic thugs forget about the sanctity of their mosques.

Islam’s apologists have failed to explain the incredible history of violence that has followed Islam around the Globe. It is not fair to say explanations have not been given, but its very difficult to swallow it’s all a Zionist Plot when they have managed to murder, Hindus, Buddhists, Animalists, Christians and yes a smattering of Jews.

At one point they managed to murder thousands of all of those groups including the most hated, secularists, in less than two hours by running Jets into buildings filled with innocents. Impressively while the perpetrators declared the action was in the name of Islam, our own elite were busy like the little cowards they are, making excuses. Ooh it’s only a radical fringe group, never wondering why it was that Imams around the world were not immediately denouncing the attacks in the strongest words.

Then when they do denounce terrorism by those supposedly radical Islamists or call for peace it is done in a way that can be defended against both the radicals and the west. The Imams are playing both sides instead of choosing the side of peace. Religion of Peace indeed, our cowardice in the face of their stated goal of spreading Islam around the world by sword if need be will cause this war to go on forever. For example the famous Fatwa issued by the moderate Union of French Islamic Organisations:

“it is formally forbidden to any Muslim seeking divine grace andsatisfaction to participate in any action that blindly hits private or public property or could constitute an attack on someone's life. Contributing to such exactions is an illicit act.”

So if you have a clear view of the reasons for your attacks against the infidels do we assume then that the Moderate Union of French Islamic Organisations is ok with you.

Occurred to me a week or so that we are seeing exactly the same mechanism that allowed the Nazis to basically sneak into power at work again. Its always been a wonder to me that so many Jews got caught in the net the Nazis wrapped them in, but now I understand. We all simply refused to believe that the threat existed, they were harmless, not worth worrying about, until they moved to being too big a threat to cover in the news. Where are we now in that line from laughing to death?

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